Zero Energy Home in Whistler

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Designed to LEED Platinum Standards, this 2200 sq ft, three level house was built by Whistler’s RDC Fine Homes. As you can see in the picture, six hundred square feet of steep solar panels convert sunlight (from their south facing property) into electricity, ensuring the house creates as much energy as possible using the solar photovoltaic system. The house was also built using structural insulated walls (so less energy is required for heating and cooling), fibre-cement siding (to prevent a build up of moisture), spray foam insulation made from recycled plastics and vegetable oil (to eliminate air leakage, high efficiency triple glazed fibre glass windows, polished concrete floors with a hydronic pipe underneath (to ensure floors are warm in the winter and cool in the summer). Not overlooking any details, they also used high energy appliances, and didn’t skimp on the extras, like a double oven, built in cappuccino machine, lots of outdoor space and quality materials (some of which were reclaimed from other sites).

These Green Designs are expected to save the owners between $4500 and $5500 every year compared to a similarly sized home at current rates. With those numbers and the modern, ski chalet appearance of the home, consumer demand should continue to grow for Green technology.

For more information, check out the Globe and Mail Newspaper Article. Posted January 10, 2012.