Why Buy With Us?

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Buying your Home with the Zwick Chimes Team

We recognize that the right real estate agent makes all the difference, especially in a fast paced, dynamic Vancouver Market.

We take great pride in our unrivalled knowledge of the real estate market, our discretion, creative thinking, integrity and commitment to customer service. The Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group has a reliable network of support and shared knowledge to ensure that we’re ahead of the game and able to provide these services to each of our clients.

Our goal is to save you time and minimize your stress by focusing our efforts on your preferences, ensuring you’re knowledgeable and prepared, and using innovative technology.  Our team’s outstanding track record and support system ensures you will receive top notch assistance to help navigate the complex, fast paced real estate process.

What else can you expect from working with us?

Knowledge & Experience

1. Proven Performance

As active multi-year members of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Medallion Club for top industry performers and the RE/MAX Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement, we are firmly established in the Vancouver Market.

Combine that with over 25 years of collective experience learning about different types of property and more than 400 sales in the past 5 years and you are in good hands. The bottom line? We deliver.

2. Professional Experience

With extensive knowledge and training in types of construction, buying strategies, negotiation tactics and the workings of the current real estate market, we have all the tools you would expect from the person you are trusting to help you buy your new home. Having dealt with every challenge imaginable in the home buying process, we will steer you away from any obstacles or last minute surprises, and our negotiation strategies will ensure you get the best deal possible.

3. Trusted Name in Vancouver Real Estate

Between every member of the Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group, we’ve been in the business for years and have developed a reputation of being trusted, hard working agents in Vancouver. Other real estate agents know that we have educated our clients and prepared them for the sale, which often helps in negotiation. Not only that, but since we have a great group of clients, other real estate agents will let us know about the properties they have for sale before they hit the market so our clients can get a jump on a great home.

Team Approach & Network

1. Team Approach

With the Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group, you get the benefit of having full-time experienced Realtors, full time Buyer’s Agents, a marketing and office manager, Mortgage Broker, Interior Designer and a rolodex of qualified professionals like contractors, moving companies and more. We are committed to providing you with industry leading customer service throughout all aspects of the Real Estate process, from the initial search to any renovations you plan.

2. Access to Qualified Sellers

Through our directed marketing, high traffic websites and local networking, we are constantly in contact with sellers who are looking to sell their home in your ideal neighbourhood. We work hard to develop this base of qualified sellers and always try to connect eager Buyers with motivated Sellers before the listing hits the open market.

Innovative and Thorough Search

1. Priority Access to New Homes for Sale via our MLS Concierge

Our MLS Concierge will give you access to new listings 48 hours before the general public sees these listings, giving you a leg up during a busy market. This search tool will also show you sale prices, days on market, photos and listing information. When you work with use, we give you access to the same information see – knowledge is power.

2. Making your Schedule Work

We understand that everyone has a unique schedule and lifestyle, so we will make sure that we work with you when you’re available. Between property tours, viewing appointments, and conversations about our progress, we’re available to guide you – morning, afternoon and evening – 7 days a week.

3. Neighbourhood Expertise

Between all the members of the Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group, we have lived and owned in many different neighbourhoods in Vancouver, and know the ins and outs of each area. Each neighbourhood in Vancouver has it’s own real estate market, with different types of construction, specialized amenities, distinct lifestyles and a unique idea of value, so we’ll ensure that you know what to expect when you’re considering laying down your roots in a new neighbourhood.

Negotiation & Purchase

1. The Importance of Negotiation

With our combined experience, we have encountered many obstacles and challenges along the way, and will put our experience to work for you to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. The Negotiation phase of the buying process is incredibly important as this sets the tone for working with the seller and gets the important details of the purchased in contract. We’ll ensure that the price, dates and terms are in your favour so you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected.

2. Due Diligence

We’ll ensure that we are guiding you every step of the way during the due diligence process – from reading and interpreting strata documents, to educating you on their implications, to ensuring you are organized financially, to representing you during the home inspection – we’ll make sure that you have the knowledge and tools you need to make an informed decision.

3. Preparation for the Move

After finding your ideal home and negotiating the terms in your favour, we’ll make sure that you’re ready to move when the day finally comes. With recommendations for Lawyers and Notaries, to reminders to plan your move out and move in, to being there to give you your keys, you’ll be in good hands the entire way through.

Want to learn more? Give us a call. We are always happy to chat about current market trends or discuss a new listing on the market. We look forward to chatting.