Updated Farm House

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Check out this place! It’s the original farmhouse that was recently renovated to give the house a slightly modern edge while keep most of it’s original charm. This massive window gives the main living space an always spectacular view of their surroundings. Given the size of the window, you can only assume that the designers made every attempt to keep the home as efficient as possible using good quality glass.

new york modern renovated home

You can do something similar to the average Vancouver Special in this city, since the upper floor of the home normally have peaked roofs and large living areas. It’s quite the renovation, and you may be better off doing what I did to the exterior of my Vancouver Special… check it out here on my Vancouver Special Blog. Given that the living area os on the upper floor, it’s a little more private than you’d think (though not as much so as this middle of nowhere farmhouse).

spacious living areas in new york renovated farmhouse

modern style kitchen inspo for vancouver special renovations

vancouver special inspiration from this modern home

Another cool thing about this property is the porch floats on the water giving it a very tranquil feel. This house is located in New York, Check out more pictures below:

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