Preparing for Renovations

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Prepare yourself. Knowing what lies ahead during renovations can save your nerves and smooth the process. Whether is getting permits from the City of Vancouver, or spending your time picking out each colour, fixture and piece of furniture, renovations can take a long time. Don’t be deterred, just be prepared before diving in.

This great article from lists “11 Things to Expect with your Remodel”. Running down the list, prepare yourself for:

1. Dust – Dust can travel far, and will rest in unexpected places.

2. Noise – Will be constant and incessant. Don’t count on working from home unless you’re part of the reno.

3. Triumphant highs – Finally getting rid of that 1970’s decor!

4. Multiple sighs – It’s a long and tiring process, but hang in there.

5. The unexpected – Can be anything: mold, poor craftsmanship by the builder, terrible weather…

6. Change orders – As everything comes together, your plans may change and orders may not be fulfilled…

7. Cash concerns – You’ll find the cheque writing doesn’t stop…

8. Delays – Sickness, delayed parts, waiting for permits…

9. Decisions – Count on making hundreds of decisions, from the seemingly minute to the very tough choices.

10. Outliers – It may take months for every bit to be complete, but you will get there eventually.

11. A party! – Enjoy yourself in your new home! You deserve it!

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