Northeast False Creek Development Update and Video

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If you’ve been wondering how the proposed Northeast False Creek residential and commercial development that you’ve been hearing about is set to unfold then look no further!  CIVITAS Urban Design and Planning has created a seven minute long animated video for Concord Pacific’s section of the impending and greatly anticipated new district on the outskirts of downtown Vancouver.

This very cool animation gives us a birds eye view of the master plan including the redevelopment of Plaza of Nations, proposed parks and recreation and even detail on the buildings, streets and aspects of daily life in what’s sure to be Vancouver coolest neighbourhoods!  I mean, check out that huge patio right on the water…how great would that be in the summer?

 Not only will it be a popular entertainment hub but when finished, the towers will house 12,000 new residents as well as office spaces that could generate between 6000-8000 jobs.

The project’s community amenities, parks and roadwork is expected to cost Vancouver taxpayers an upwards of $1.7 billion dollars which includes $360 million for the demolition of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts. However, the city is expected to recoup some of the costs from the various developers who are working with the city through the stages of planning, design and development.

This Northeast False Creek Plan is going through the motions of approval in a vote on February 13 which follows the standing committee meeting on January 31 which drew 100 speakers.  We are very excited to see what transpires and to watch the ultimate redevelopment of this amazing new district.

[vimeo 243743518 w=640 h=360]


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Michelle Cote


Realtor and Neighbourhood Specialist