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Towered by the Coast Range Mountains and surrounded by water on three sides, Vancouver's stunning natural beauty is just part of what makes it one of the most 'liveable places' on Earth.

Discover the restaurants, cafes, shops, parks and attractions that make Vancouver one of the most coveted places to live.



Vancouver’s restaurant scene is entirely the product of diversity, ambition and insatiable curiosity. Discover why Vancouver is known as the culinary capital of Canada.


From classic French press, pour overs and cold brews, Vancouver’s coffee game is on point. Check out our list of coffee bars and cafes to find your next fix.


Vancouver’s reputation for yogis and sushi might bring to mind a sea of spandex and headbands, but its shopping scene is anything but limited. From hipster havens on Commercial Drive to lavish luxury outlets for the nouveau riche, Vancouver is a shopper’s paradise.


From Spanish Banks to the world famous Stanley Park, Vancouver’s parks and beaches are the city’s backyard. It’s no wonder Vancouver is continually ranked as one of the best places to live in the world.


With Vancouver’s fresh ocean air, lush west-coast forests and stunning mountains views, it’s not hard to see why Vancouver is one of the world’s healthiest cities. Discover why Vancouver attracts health and outdoor enthusiasts from across the world.


Vancouver’s libraries, schools, and universities are the cultural hubs of the city; meeting places where creativity is ignited, curiosity is nurtured and community is made.


There are attractions in Vancouver for everyone – science lovers, wilderness admirers, history buffs, thrill seekers, culture hunters and families. Where else can you visit beaches, parks, museums amusement parks and historical sites without leaving the city?


It shouldn’t surprise you a city dubbed “Hollywood North” that is surrounded by wilderness has a thriving beauty and wellness industry.

Discover the salons, wellness centers and beauty spas that keep Vancouverites feeling fresh and foxy.