Bringing the Outdoors, In!

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warmth and privacy in unique vancouver home

Designed by Kenneth Hobgood Architects, the GK House sits on 1.5 acres that slopes from east to west. This house was built after the original house that burned to the ground. The house makes great use of different materials: glass in the common space, bringing the greenery from outside in; and wood and brick accenting the house adding warmth and privacy to the bedrooms. The wood soffits are a nice touch on the patio, they really bring the different styles of the house together. It looks like the kitchen wasn’t designed as nicely as the rest of the house, which is too bad, but it’s all about the outdoor views for this property. The original estate belonged to am amateur botanist, who created a distinctive garden of plants and greenery, perfect to look out onto from the glass walled living space.

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